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Polashek's Locker Service Inc.

Making award winning sausage since 1983!

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-Jaternice Patties
-Beef Patties with Jalapenos and Cheese
-Cherry Flavored Brats
-Bologna Shorts
-Prime rib packaged individually and ready to eat
-Pineapple Flavored Brats
-Beer and Brat Flavored Pork Patties
-Salisbury Steak Flavored Beef Patties

-Salisbury Steak Flavored Pork Patties
-Summer Sausage with Cheese

-Canadian Bacon

-Pizza Flavored Pork Patties with Mozzarella cheese
-Summer Sausage with Cranberries

-Summer Sausage with Jalapenos

-Cooked Beef Brats

-Cooked Brats with Mushroom and Swiss Cheese

-Cooked Apple Brats

-Ground Pork Patties with Mushroom and Swiss Cheese

-Beef Bacon

-Hot Sticks with Jalapenos

-Summer Sausage with Hot Cheese

-Chili Flavored Wieners with Cheese

-Pulled Pork

-Ground Beef Patties with Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese

-Smoked Brats

-Cooked Bratwurst with Bacon & Cheddar Cheese

-Cooked Bratwurst with Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese

-Garlic Bologna

-Ready to eat Chicken Breast Patties

-Boneless Chicken Breast

-Peppered Bacon

-Summer Sausage with Pineapple

-Hot Sticks with Cheese

-Jalapeno Bacon

-Pre-Grilled Chicken Breast

-Bacon & Ranch Cooked Bratwurst

-Buffalo Wing Flavored Cooked Bratwurst

-Garlic Summer Sausage

-Mac & Cheese Brat

-German Bratwurst

-Ring Bologna with Cheese

-Ring Bologna with Cheese & Jalapenos

-Ring Bologna with Jalapenos


-Omelet Brat (Bacon, Egg, and Cheese)

-Hashbrown and Cheese Brat

-Re-Structured Bacon

-Wild Rice Brat

-Triple Cheese Brat (Cheddar, Swiss, and Mozzarella Cheese)

-Summer Sausage with Pineapple and Jalapeno

-Cinnamon Bacon

-Hot Andouille Smoked Sausage

-Hot Sticks with Pineapple

If you are interested or have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email.