At Polashek's Locker Service, Inc. it has been our goal since 1983 and will continue to be our goal to serve our customers with award winning quality sausage and service. We specialize in custom processing of Beef, Pork, and Venison.

If you are looking to butcher a beef or hog or drop off your venison to be processed, Polashek's Locker has the knowledge and experience to help!

Below are links that will break down the processing prices for Custom processing and Venison Processing. If you would like to see the different options when selecting the cuts that are available, click on Beef or Pork to view them.

Typical Beef Processing Questions

Q: How thick should I cut my steaks?

A: 3/4 inch is most common.

Q: How many pounds should my roasts be?

A: 3-4# roasts is typical

Q: How many steaks should I have per package?

A: This depends on your family size but 2, 3, or, 4 is typical.

Q: How should I cut my round steak?

A: Your options are round steak, tenderized for minute steak or trim to go into hamburger.

Q: How big of package should I put my hamburger in?

A: Your options are 1#, 1.5#, or 2#.

Q: Can I keep my liver, heart and tongue?

A: Yes, we can wrap these for you or we can throw them if you are not interested in keeping them.

Q: If I don't want soup bones, boiling beef or beef ribs, what happens to them?

A: These cuts will be trimmed and go into hamburger if you choose not to wrap them.

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