(Updated 03/2022)

Item Beef Pork
Slaughtering $60.00 $30.00
Processing $0.68/lb $0.68/lb
Offal $25.00 $15.00
Cure & Smoke $0.90/lb
Rendering $0.80/lb
Dried Beef $2.00/lb
Tenderized $0.25/lb $0.25/lb
Jerky $4.00/lb $4.00/lb
Sliced Roasted Pork/Beef $1.99/lb $1.99/lb
Patties $0.70/lb $0.70/lb
Seasoned $0.50/lb
Mild Italian $0.50/lb
Brat or Seasoned Patties $0.90/lb

Sausage Making

(‘P’ denotes pork is required, ‘B’ denotes beef is required. ‘B&P’ denotes both are required. ‘B or P’ denotes the product can be made from either pork or beef.)


Product Beef Pork
Wieners (B&P) (B or P) $1.69/lb $1.69/lb
Jaternice (P) $1.69/lb
Smoked Sausage (P) $1.50/lb
Bratwurst (P) $1.50/lb
Flavored Bratwurst – Cryovac (P) $1.90/lb
Pee-Wees (P) $1.69/lb
Smokies (P) $1.69/lb
Rope Sausage (P) $1.50/lb
Summer Sausage (B&P) $1.40/lb $1.40/lb
Summer Sausage/Chubs (B&P) $1.70/lb $1.70/lb
Ring Bologna (B&P) $1.50/lb $1.50/lb
Snack Sticks (B&P) $1.69/lb $1.69/lb
Polish Sausage (B&P) $1.50/lb $1.50/lb
Ground and Formed Bacon – Cryovac (P) $1.60/lb
Lunchmeat – Cryovac (P) $1.60/lb

**All Prices are subject to change