Polashek's Lunchmeat is a homemade lunchmeat that is an all pork product. Polashek's Lunchmeat can be found at our retail counter or at a handful of grocery stores.

  • Boiled Ham $3.69/lb
  • Chopped Ham $3.89/lb
  • Turkey $4.99/lb
  • Homemade Lunch Meat $3.79/lb
  • Pit Ham $4.49/lb
  • Head Cheese $3.59/lb
Packaged Lunch Meat


  • American Slices $3.90/lb
  • American/Swiss Slices $3.90/lb
  • Colby $4.25/lb
  • Colby Jack $4.25/lb
  • Colby Jack Hot Pepper $4.25/lb
  • Farmers Cheese $4.50/lb
  • Havarti $5.00/lb
  • Horseradish $4.50/lb
  • Hot Pepper $4.25/lb
  • Limburger $4.50/Block
  • Mild White Cheddar $4.40/lb
  • Onion $4.25/lb
  • Pepperjack $4.25/lb
  • Provolone $4.25/lb
  • Sharp Cheddar $4.99/lb
  • Smoked Gouda $5.29/lb
  • Swiss $4.99/lb
  • Swiss/Caraway $4.25/lb
  • Variety Loaf $4.50/lb
  • Party Pack Cheese $4.00/package
  • Blocks of Cheese $2.50/package
  • Cheese Curds $4.00/package
  • String Cheese $0.50/each or $2.50/pkg